A little extra cash for the big things in life.

Being a parent is a full-time job, but it doesn’t have a full-time paycheck. This can make it difficult to afford the things your family needs. Do you wish there was a way for you to earn some extra income, but have the flexibility to still pick up your kids at the bus stop after school?

You’re already an expert caregiver for your family. As a Companion with Bluegrass Extra Care, you can put those skills to work on your own schedule as you give back to those in need—all while earning the money you need to help cover life’s important moments. You can now afford to sign up your child for those piano lessons she wants, save for a long overdue vacation or invest in a college fund. These days, every little bit helps.

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How do Companions make a difference?

• Preparing meals
• Paying bills
• Light housekeeping
• Playing games
• Transportation assistance
• Simply sitting and having a conversation

You have more flexibility to work with your family’s schedule than being locked into a 40-hour work week. And if need be, it is easy to pick up more hours should your family need more money at certain times of the year.

Not only will being a companion help you, but it will have a valuable impact on the life of a senior and their caregivers. Companions offer peace of mind – seniors are able to continue to live at home with the assistance they need, and families can be assured that a compassionate caregiver is with their loved one offering a social connection to live a happy, healthy life.

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