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Ask For and Accept Help

In a perfect world, we would never have to ask for help. People would know what we need and respond appropriately. We know the world is not a perfect place. Look for ways to allow others to give the gift of helping you during the holidays. Allow others to help you prepare for gatherings. Accept offers to help with cards or gifts. You friends and family want to help, but often need direction on how to best help you. This is a time when it is best to ask for what you need and not wait for others to offer.

Keep it simple:
Instead of…                                      Try…
Shopping at a mall                             Ordering online/catalog
Cooking a big meal                            Purchasing prepared food
Elaborate decorations                          Decorate one room
Hosting the family meal                      Ask someone else to host

Getting Your REST During the Holidays:
RREASONABLE AND REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS about what can and cannot be done.
EEXERCISE. Walk daily. Eat and drink in moderation.
SSIMPLIFY TO RELIEVE STRESS. Set a budget for time, social obligations, and gifts.
TTIME. Set aside time for personal reflection and remembrance.

Don’t Forget the Kids
Children of all ages should be included in the discussions of holiday plans. They can offer valuable insight and suggestions. Inclusion in these discussions reaffirms their place in the family.

Melinda Simpson, LCSW, Bereavement Counselor. Taken from the article “Coping During the Holidays” by Kirsti Dyer. Bereavement Magazine. November/December 2002.

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