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Companion Care - What Is It?

When you think of the word companion, what comes to mind?

As people get older or deal with illness, they often have trouble with daily or ordinary tasks, and need assistance. A companion can help take care of a range of tasks that make living at home more possible, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Companion care is a way to provide seniors with emotional support and the confidence to remain independent at home.

Companions do not need to be medically trained or certified and their role can be as simple as taking a senior grocery shopping or to a doctor’s appointment. It can also be just sitting and talking - companion care allows the senior to enjoy life, and their caregivers the opportunity to complete tasks outside of their caregiving.

At Bluegrass Extra Care, our companion care service provides compassionate, personalized assistance with a variety of daily activities. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a scheduled or as-needed basis. We can come once, occasionally as needed, periodically on a schedule, all the way up to full time care services.

Our companion services also offer community members the opportunity to earn extra income while giving back to our aging population.

Are you a parent who wants to generate extra income in between your family responsibilities and other big things in your life?
A student who would wants to earn while gaining extra experience, building your resume, and doing some good?
A Certified Nursing Assistant who wants extra income without double shifts or where overtime is limited, all on your time?

We can work around your busy and unique schedule.  Start your easy application now.


What does a companion do?

• Assist with daily routines, such as getting out of bed

• Paying bills
• Preparing meals
• Light housekeeping duties
• Transportation assistance to the doctor or other appointments, such as the hairdresser
• Simply sitting and having a conversation

Would you like more information on how you can become a companion? Call Bluegrass Extra Care at 859.296.6100 or visit our Careers page.

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