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Hospice Gave Her Husband Time at Home

In February of 2019, life drastically changed for David and his wife, Debra. They were told that David had Stage 4 lung cancer, a diagnosis they did not expect. Over the past few years, David had been dealing with colon issues and hospitalized on multiple occasions, but the lung cancer diagnosis came out of the blue.

After just two treatments, the doctors told them that there was nothing else they could do. David had just weeks to live. The doctor contacted Bluegrass Hospice Care, and they came the very next day. The hospice team worked quickly to help keep David comfortable as his illness progressed, as well as making sure Debra had all the information she needed. Debra explained that they didn’t want to go back into the hospital; David wanted to stay at home.

“Everyone from Bluegrass Hospice Care that came to our home was incredibly compassionate and concerned. They were constantly offering me options and services,” said Debra. “From my standpoint, they were an emotional support, always a calming influence. They would be there when they said they were going to be there. They were checking in on me all the time to see if there was anything that either David or I needed.”

If Debra and David needed additional help between visits, Debra could call her hospice team at any time. “One day we mentioned that we needed oxygen, and it was there that day. Another time, I commented that I would like to get David outside on the deck. They brought me a wheelchair so that we could get outside to enjoy some fresh air,” said Debra.

Just two months after his diagnosis, David passed away with his family around him. In the last 72 hours of David’s life, his pain significantly increased. When Debra called for help in tears, a Bluegrass Hospice Care doctor promptly reviewed the situation and called in a prescription for pain medication that allowed David to be at peace in his final hours. Debra was also grateful that the hospice team had explained how everything would be handled at the time of David’s death. “They told me what to do when he passed - I could just call them and they would take care of everything, which they did,” said Debra.

Through it all, Debra was very thankful for the support she received from Bluegrass Hospice Care. She was especially pleased that David was able to stay at home with her during his final days. " It was such a comfort, I don’t know what I would have done without them," she said. “It was a blessing to be able to have him be able to remain in our home, surrounded by family and friends that loved him."

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