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How BCN Nurse Uses Benefits To Her Advantage

At Bluegrass Care Navigators, we are offered a wide range of benefits, from health insurance to tuition support. If you take advantage of the ones available, you can find yourself with more money in your pocket.

That is the case for Megan MacCartie, a nurse in the Lexington office. Megan has worked for BCN for almost five years, and is working on her Bachelor’s in Nursing. “I am just about to finish my Bachelor's in Nursing. I have been utilizing the tuition reimbursement benefit for this. I have been taking one class a semester, mostly to save on out-of-pocket expenses. I haven't had to pay much of this expense on my own, so it has been great,” says Megan.

Did you know that our insurance plans come with wellness opportunities that allow you to earn cash back? Megan says, “I get a rebate check back just for sending in my screenings and annual physical information. The rebate checks come close to covering the cost of other benefits. I have used the short-term disability after a couple of surgeries which is very helpful for unforeseen bills that trickle in for months after surgeries are complete.”

Megan uses the Wellness benefits as well. “I joined the Trainer Joe group and I am now a part of the LEAN program with Amanda. A lot of people, including myself, would like to utilize personal trainers or gyms, but the cost can get out of control. This has helped me save money and get healthy at the same time.”

For BCN employees, the benefits can translate into substantial cost savings, more money to save for retirement and even healthier diet and lifestyle. Megan says, “I'd recommend all of these benefits to my co-workers. I am a better safe than sorry type of person, and they give me a little more peace of mind.”

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