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How Massage Therapy Can Improve Pain Management

The first time I met Ms. V, I knew right away she was a very positive and upbeat person. However, after a few weeks of being diagnosed with terminal cancer with metastases to the bone, she was experiencing severe back pain, insomnia and overall stress relating to the future progression of her illness. A member of our medical staff referred her to me and she was completely onboard with receiving massage therapy to help manage her symptoms

After one session using light massage and relaxation techniques on the back, feet, hands and head, she began to experience diminished back pain, which in turn, lessened anxiety and caused her whole body to relax. The next day when a staff member checked in on her, Ms. V reported that her pain and anxiety levels improved as well as her sleep that night.

It was such a privilege and so rewarding to see how massage therapy can make such a difference in the quality of life for my patient.

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