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They had to be side by side…

Charlene and Charles had been side by side for over 50 years, when Charlene was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a courageous battle, the family looked to Bluegrass Care Navigators to help make Charlene’s final weeks as comfortable and memorable as possible, with Charles at her side. Charlene and Charles celebrated their last Christmas and a surprise 51st anniversary party with their family at the Greg and Noreen Wells Bluegrass Hospice Care Center in Hazard.

After Charlene passed away, Charles placed a personalized memory stone for her in the Hospice Care Center’s courtyard. The family continued to visit there together on holidays. And Charles, a retired social worker, began to volunteer with Bluegrass Care Navigators by leading a grief support group where he formed many great friendships.

When Charles himself became ill, the family immediately contacted Bluegrass Care Navigators to provide him with in-home hospice care at his daughter Elaine’s home.

“After going through the same great hospice care with our mom, having a care team come to the house for Dad was a comfort and a relief, like getting a big hug,” said Elaine.

Charles had planned for his own memory stone to be placed next to Charlene’s in the Hospice Care Center’s courtyard, a place that meant so much to him. They had to be side by side.

On his final day, Charles signaled it was time for him to go to the Hospice Care Center, where he passed peacefully surrounded by his family, as he had wanted. “He felt close to Mom there,” said Elaine. “It was comforting for him, and for us.”

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