The Extra Care Nurse Aide Training Center is owned and operated by Bluegrass Care Navigators℠. The program requirements and guidelines are set forth and governed by the Cabinet of Health Services, Department of Medicaid Services, Division of Long Term Care and Community Alternatives.

Faculty: Melissa Baker, LPN
Faculty: Stephanie Walker, LPN
Faculty: Loretta Kawaja, RN
Faculty: George Ann Madden, RN
Faculty/Program Supervisor: Angela Staiano, RN
Extra Care Program Director: Sandy Gowdy, MHCM

Extra Care Nurse Aide Training Center will adhere to the Kentucky Medicaid Nurse Aide Curriculum Guidelines, as published by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System 11/15/2015 Version.

Fee Schedule for the Course

The fee is $575. It includes:

  • Tuition for 75 hours of training/instruction (59 hours of classroom and skills lab instruction and 16 hours of supervised practical training in a long-term care facility).
  • The Kentucky Community and Technical College System Testing Procedures Manual and Study Guide 11/12/2015 Version. Workbook required.
  • The State Competency Evaluation fee of $75 is not included in your tuition


The textbook/workbook for the course is Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants, 7th Edition. The student can purchase the textbook and workbook through an online bookseller or local college bookstores. Textbooks are NOT provided by the Training Center.

Admission Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age to enroll; however, anyone who is 16 or 17 may apply if their parent/guardian signs a consent form.
  • Must present an approved photo ID and a non-laminated Social Security Card.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health. Must be able to lift, push and pull 50 pounds, and must be able to stand for three hours.
  • Must be able to assist with lifting, transferring and turning residents.
  • Must have a TB skin test within one year of onsite clinical date. If skin test was positive, must have a chest x-ray.
  • Must have evidence of HepB immunization or waiver.
  • Must pass a nurse aide abuse check and criminal records check before classes begin. Administrator determines acceptance.


Attendance is mandatory for all classes and clinicals.


The application fee for the Nurse Aide Training Program is $175. The balance of $400 is due 2 weeks before the start of the class. Payments are non-refundable.


The student shall pass all written and oral exams throughout the course with an average score of 70% to be eligible for the final examination. Upon successful completion of the nurse aide training program, the instructor will advise the Regional Kentucky Technical School, Department of Technical Educators, of those students who are eligible to take the competency exam. After successful completion of the competency exam, the student’s name shall be placed on a state registry. All training and testing records will be maintained for 5 years and are available upon request. No credit will be granted for previous training. No college credit hours are awarded for this course. No transcript is provided. Students will be provided a certificate of completion when they successfully complete the course.

Extra Care Nurse Aide Training Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin.

Extra Care Nurse Aide Training Center does not use erroneous, deceptive or misleading practices.