Navigate through the journey of grief with Bluegrass Grief Care℠.

The loss of a loved one – even an expected loss – can be overwhelming. But we want you to know that grief is a natural response to the loss of someone dear to us, and all of us will experience it at some time. While there are common stages of grief, each of us will cope in our own individual way.

Bluegrass Grief Care℠ is a unique counseling service of Bluegrass Care Navigators℠.   It’s our passion and purpose to support and guide you as you learn to live with loss - emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Helping you through the grieving process.

Bluegrass Grief Care℠ is for anyone in the community who has experienced the loss of a loved one. Whether it is anticipatory grief, or learning to cope with a loss, our trained and caring staff is available to help surviving family and friends cope with their grief for up to 13 months after the death of their loved one. Support groups and short-term individual counseling are available to people of all ages at our offices, and our staff also can make home and school visits when appropriate.

Support at every turn.

Here's a sampling of what Bluegrass Grief Care℠ offers (not all programs are available in all locations):

  • Spouse/Partner Support Groups
  • Camps, Groups and Individual Support Services for Children and Families
  • Young Widowed Persons Support Groups
  • Mother-Loss/Father-Loss Groups
  • Traumatic, Sudden and Tragic Death Support Services 
  • School, Civic and Workplace Crisis Response
  • School, Civic and Workplace Bereavement Education
  • Individual Grief Counseling
  • Community-Based Grief Education
  • Support Groups
  • Holiday Programs
  • Bereavement Camps and Retreats for Children

When you’re grieving …

Bluegrass Grief Care℠ staff and volunteers are specially trained to help those dealing with a loss.  They offer the following suggestions:

  • Give yourself permission to grieve; don't try to "hurry" grief along.
  • Talk about your loss with family, friends and others you trust.
  • Expect confusion, including a combination of sadness, fear and other shifting emotions.
  • Realize that grief can come in waves and may be triggered by something unexpected – or nothing you can identify as a trigger.
  • Take care of your physical health; focus on exercise, eating healthy foods and sleeping well.
  • Honor the memory of your loved one by planting a tree, giving to charity, volunteering, helping others or enjoying an activity that your loved one enjoyed.

Discover how Bluegrass Grief Care℠ can help you and your family.  It's never too early to discuss how the expertise and compassion of Bluegrass Grief Care℠ can help.  Call us at 855.492.0812.