Bluegrass Home Primary Care is a service specifically for those who are home-limited with complex health care needs.

We know those needs can make it difficult for these patients to travel to a doctor’s office or clinic. Some patients, especially those with multiple, chronic conditions, may have limited mobility or struggle with activities of daily living. For others, missing a regular checkup can cause even worse problems, many preventable.

Bluegrass Home Primary Care uses a highly trained team of experts to deliver care in the home under the supervision of a board-certified physician. The team can also help to improve communication and coordination between the patient and other providers.

Patients are seen on a regular basis and given care focused on the patient and prevention of more serious health issues. Studies show that home-based primary care improves quality of care as well as patient and family member satisfaction.

Bluegrass Home Primary Care can be used in combination with other services, such as Bluegrass Extra Care and Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance are accepted.

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