Managing medicines and equipment to keep pace with changing needs.

As a serious illness or disease progresses, your needs for treatment and medical equipment can change, sometimes quickly.

For instance, the type, dosage and frequency of medications may be adjusted at any time by your physicians. With our own pharmacy and full-time pharmacists, Bluegrass Care Navigators℠ can respond quickly and may deliver new prescriptions and refills right to the patient’s bedside. Our nurses also can monitor and manage prescription schedules to make sure patients are taking the right medications at the right time.

Likewise, needs for medical equipment often change during the course of an illness. A patient may go from using a cane to a walker to a wheelchair. Needs may arise for a hospital bed, bedside commode or a shower chair. Bluegrass Care Navigators℠ has the connections to get the right equipment delivered and set up wherever the patient calls home.

Available services may vary by program and location.