Improve patient and industry evaluations

Patient performance measures and other metrics are becoming increasingly important in assessing health care plans. The services of Bluegrass Care Navigators℠ can contribute to improving these measures for you.

HEDIS – All five domains of care that compose HEDIS scores (effectiveness of care, access of care, experience of care, utilization and risk-adjusted utilization, relative resources used) can be positively impacted by Bluegrass Care Navigators’℠ services.

CAHPS – Important attributes of the CAHPS survey – including communication skills of providers, ease of access to care and a positive patient experience – can be enhanced by the expert team at Bluegrass Care Navigators℠. For instance, 94% give a favorable rating to Bluegrass Hospice Care℠ (10% higher than the national average) and 94.3% would recommend our hospice services.

MLR – The relative cost-effectiveness of Bluegrass Care Navigators’℠ services can help offset higher health care claims while contributing to quality improvements and the patient experience. These factors can help you maintain your targeted Medical Loss Ratio.

To learn more about how Bluegrass Care Navigators℠ can help improve performance measures, call us at 855.492.0812