Manage common factors that put your enrollees at risk

Your health care plan enrollees who are most at risk often share several of these traits:

  • Progressing, serious illness or terminal illness
  • 2 to 5 comorbidities
  • Non-compliance with medication plan
  • Repeated trips to the ED
  • Repeat admissions to the hospital
  • Desire to combine curative treatments and symptom management

Bluegrass Care Navigators’℠ expertise and continuum of services are ideally suited to address these factors, improve patient outcomes and manage costs.

Services including Bluegrass Extra Care℠, Bluegrass Transitional Care℠ and Bluegrass Hospice Care℠ are largely home-based, featuring clinical visits and medication monitoring. Bluegrass Palliative Care℠ also provides consults to manage symptoms and improve the patient’s care plan.

These services have proven effective in reducing ED visits, reducing length of stay for hospitalized patients, preventing hospital readmissions, contributing to lower overall cost of care and improving patient satisfaction with comfort.  

To discuss how Bluegrass Care Navigators℠ can help manage particular at-risk segments of your membership, call us at 855.492.0812