At Bluegrass Hospice Care℠, our goals include conducting ourselves and our business in the best possible way according to applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Our employees conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and a strong commitment to high ethical and moral standards. They enforce our corporate compliance as we continue to provide both value and quality care for our clients. The safety of our patients and employees and our responsibility for environmental awareness are other essential pieces of our corporate compliance policy. All employees of Bluegrass Hospice Care℠ receive corporate compliance training as part of their initial orientation and we continually stress the importance of adhering to our corporate compliance policies.

The Corporate Compliance Officer

The Corporate Compliance Officer is available to employees as well as to those we serve. You may report compliance, quality, or safety concerns in addition to “near misses" or suggestions for improvement. Near misses or suggestions will be passed on to Administration for follow up. Any information you provide, including your identity, will be kept in confidence between you, the Compliance Officer, and senior management unless required by law or regulation.

Contacting the Corporate Compliance Officer

When contacting the Compliance Officer, please state your concerns, giving as much detail as possible, including the office involved, dates and important details. Providing your name and contact information enables the Compliance officer to inform you about the actions taken in response to your complaint, and also to contact you should additional information be needed, but you may remain anonymous if you wish. Employees are not punished for reporting potential compliance violations, quality or safety concerns, or requesting assistance from the Compliance Officer. We will not discriminate against those we serve because they contacted the Compliance Hotline.

The corporate compliance hotline number is 866-360-0003 or Spanish hotline number is 800-216-1288. Email with company name to Lighthouse Services, LLC.

If management or the compliance office has not addressed your concerns about patient care and safety, you may contact the Joint Commission to express those concerns.