Telecare at Bluegrass Care Navigators

The goal of TeleCare is to increase healthcare access to our hospice, home primary, palliative, pediatric and ExtraCare patient population. Our providers and team members will be able to see patients, if clinically appropriate, in ways that do not require travel to the home or nursing home. It will make it easier for patients and families living with complex and chronic illness to communicate with BCN while remaining comfortable in their own homes while receiving the care they require.

Patients and providers can interact, just as if they were in the same room. By seeing the patients in their own environment, or by asking them to pan the room, we can get a true sense of the environment they are living in.

By providing urgent symptom management in a timelier fashion. Telecare will allow our nurses to assess urgent symptom management needs visually so they can provide more real-time guidance to the caregiver. The ability to visualize the patient quickly will also allow them to better collaborate with the physician to make recommended changes to ease patient symptoms. Of course, if an in-person visit is needed, the nurse will then come to the patient’s residence.

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